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  Audax Australia 4000km RandonnĂ©e

          Fremantle to Bondi Beach

                2024 5 start dates

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Trans Oz An Audax Australia 4000km transcontinental unsupported randonnée from the Indian Ocean in the west to the Pacific in the east, commencing Fremantle in Western Australia, finishing Bondi Beach in New South Wales. 2017 represented the 80th anniversary of Sir Hubert Opperman's 1937 Fremantle to Sydney ride (via Melbourne) that took 13 days, 10 hours and 11 minutes, a record that stood for 30 years. Be prepared to suffer long daily distances, endless flat and straight roads, boredom, loneliness, heat, cold, rain, headwinds, tailwinds, road trains, wandering cattle, camels, emus, wombats, and kangaroos, overpriced accommodation, average food, and sometimes questionable water quality.

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