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Trans Oz Ride Information 2024

Registration open 1 January 2024 by email, close 1 August 2024.
Fee $50.00AUD, international Audax riders $60.00AUD. Optional $40.00AUD SPOT Tracker hire fee. Payment to be made by Credit Card (link to Audax Australia payment portal sent by email). No refunds.

One Ride option only
Unsupported minimum average 200km/day Confirmed by LRM 2024 Ride Calendar
Depart Fremantle 5am AWST, 20 day limit, arrive Bondi Beach no later than 7am AEST day 21.
Please note: there is no supported option.

5 departure dates 2024
    Trans Oz #1  15 April
    Trans Oz #2  15 May
    Trans Oz #3  15 June
    Trans Oz #4  15 July
    Trans Oz #5  15 August

5 departure dates 2025
    Trans Oz #1  15 April
    Trans Oz #2  15 May
    Trans Oz #3  15 June
    Trans Oz #4  15 July
    Trans Oz #5  15 August

General conduct of the Randonnée
• An unsupported LRM approved 4000km randonnée offered by the Audax Australia Cycling Club ridden as per the club rules. Audax club members only that are associated with international partners of Audax Club Parisian (ACP) can participate. Audax clubs can be found at ACP, LRM and Audax Australia. Please be aware this randonnée is not a race but a ride with an overall time limit.
• Audax Australia for rides 2500km and over 4.9 Control Times (page 7), the minimum global average riding speed is 8.333kph, or 200km/day. On some days you might ride less than 200km, on other days you might ride more than 200km, but you are to complete the entire 4000km journey within 20 days. You can of course reach Bondi Beach in less than 20 days if you wish to ride at a faster pace.
• There are two Controls: Fremantle and Bondi Beach, there are no intermediary controls. Depart Fremantle 5am AWST and arrive Bondi Beach no later than 7am AEST on Day 21.
• Unsupported means no following vehicles, and no privately pre-organised external assistance from other persons is allowed. You can prior to the commencement of the ride send via Australia Post food (non-perishables, no liquids) and clothing to overnight locations along the course, please note that parcels can take more than a week to arrive in remote areas of Western Australia and South Australia.

Pre-qualifying Rides for the 2024 Randonnée (several)
1. Two of either a 1000km or 1200km Audax rides (or international BRM/LRM) from January 2022 to June 2024. One of the 1000 or 1200km distances can be a Permanent - to be confirmed by the appropriate state. This 2000, or 2200, or a 2400km total (depending on the 1000 or 1200km distance combination selected) cannot include the distances listed at [2] and [3], and
2. A total of 1500km for the 2023 calendar year Audax Australia rides (or international BRM/LRM). The rides are to be made up of distances 200km or greater. To include at least one 600km ride in the 1500km total. 600km of the 1500km total can include Permanents - to be confirmed by the appropriate state. This 1500km total cannot include the distances listed at [1] and [3], and
3. A Super Randonneur Series 2024 comprising of 600km, 400km, 300km, & 200km Audax Australia rides (or international BRM/LRM). This 1500km total cannot include the distances listed at [1] and [2].
NOTE 1 This is a complete total of 5000, or 5200, or 5400km (depending on the distance combination selected at [1]).
NOTE 2 Some flexibility will be considered to meet the above distances, rider to first confirm with the organiser.

Audax Australia Safety Recommendations
1. Mandatory front and rear lights that comply with Australian Road Rules Safety Recommendations.
2. Reflective vest or equivalent suggested by Audax Australia Safety Recommendations.

Additional Audax Australia Rules
1. Audax Australia Ride Rules including Brevet Permanent Rules
2. More Audax Australia information & resources

Compulsory and Some Suggested Additional Carriage of Clothing & Equipment
1. Mirror compulsory.
2. SPOT Tracker or equivalent satellite tracker, eg Garmin inReach compulsory.
3. Mobile phone compulsory.
4. Front and rear lights compulsory.
5. Cycling Helmet compulsory.
6. Reflective vest or sash compulsory.
7. Suitable long sleeved rain jacket.
8. Woollen vest or equivalent.
9. Leg & arm warmers, booties, long finger gloves & beanie (warm cap).
10. Air pump, spare tyre, 3 spare inner tubes, tyre levers, tube patch kit & hex/allen keys.
11. Secondary pump.
12. Mud guards.
13. Spoke wrench and spare emergency spoke/s (eg "FiberFix Spoke" [USA] or "Emergency-Spoke" [UK]).
14. Spare rear derailleur/mech gear cable and spare hanger.
15. Secondary GPS/odometer.
16. Chain lubricant, chain breaker tool and 2 removable chain quick-links.
17. Cable ties, velcro straps, tools for common problems.

Summary of support that will be provided on this Unsupported ride
• Printable Maps & Cue sheets from this website.
• GPX Track files (for most GPS) from this website.
• Web tracking and oversight of progress whilst riders are on the course.